Kung Fu

The style of Kung Fu taught at the Shoalhaven Kung Fu Academy is based on the Chan family Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu system.

The Chan Family lineage is an unbroken lineage passing from Shaolin monk Choy Fook, to the founder of Choy Lee Fut Chan Heung, through 5 generations down to current Grandmaster and Great Great Grandson, Chen (Chan) Yong Fa.

This is a traditional Chinese Kung Fu system that developed in the south of China in Guangdong province. It is contains aspects of External and Internal styles, with long and short range techniques, hard and soft techniques, circular and straight techniques. Simultaneous hand and foot techniques, multiple opponent fighting, and continuous whirlwind circular fighting combinations are characteristics of this style.

This style is an impressive display to watch, but is also an effective fighting style, having been developed during a period of China’s history that required practitioners to employ their art frequently.

The system incorporates:

  • Sarn Sau hand and foot fighting drills
  • San Da sparring techniques
  • Body Conditioning
  • Self-defence techniques
  • Grappling (Kum La)
  • Single man and multiple person Forms training
  • Traditional Shaolin Weapons training
  • The 18 traditional Shaolin Wooden Dummies

There are well over 150 forms in the system, encompassing fist forms, animal forms, weapons forms, 2 man fist and weapons forms, and Shaolin Wooden Dummy forms. There is probably no other style of kung fu on the planet that has retained the vast body of knowledge that Chan Family Choy Lee Fut has preserved.

The Choy Lee Fut system also involves Lohan Qigong therapeutic exercises, Traditional Chinese Lion Dance routines, and Traditional Chinese Medical Massage (Dit Da).

This system of Kung Fu is suitable not only for those wanting to get fit and learn some self-defence, but particularly for the Martial Arts enthusiast who is looking to enrich their life by pursuing mastery of a system which will take a lifetime to unravel.